As if the news of the Brutal Gurugram gang-rape and murder was not enough to shake the nation, here is one more incident that makes us question where are we heading as humans.The horrific crime was committed in Kanauj District of Uttar Pradesh where an exorcist sacrificed a 15-year-old girl and then raped the dead body in presence of her parents.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the exorcist had promised the parents of the girl that they will get 5 kilos of gold if they perform the rituals. Since, they never got the gold the victim’s father Mahavir Prasad, who is a jeweller by profession, then complained to the police alleging the exorcist Krishna Sharma of kidnapping his daughter Kavita.


Later, on Wednesday the police arrested Krishna and also recovered the dead body of the girl one day later. Sharma confessed to the police that since Mahaveer was under monetary constraint he had suggested the couple to sacrifice their daughter as the ritual was supposed to help them in getting 5 kgs of gold within hours of performance of it.

On Tuesday, the couple and Krishna along with their daughter went to Annapurna Temple where they offered prayers and then headed to a Peepul Tree. Sharma then stripped the girl, who was in semi-conscious state, in front of her parents. Following which he strangulated her and then raped the dead body while the parents were present nearby. Before dumping the body he slit her throat to collect the blood for offering to the deity.

Source : ANI

The police have taken the parents in custody for questioning.

We are at a loss of words and the incident once again makes us question whether we are heading towards stone age? What kind of parents do that to their own child? We are in the 21st century but are still falling into the trap of such disgusting superstitions and are ready to kill anyone for monetary gains. People like Mahaveer and his wife don’t deserve a place in this society and should be served with the maximum possible punishment according to the law.


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