Among the crowd of negative news all over news feeds, UP Police did something to restore the faith of people in humanity. And this has to be our dose of motivation for today!

The news hails from Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh where the pregnant wife of a daily wage worker, Arvind Kumar fainted on Tuesday night and was admitted to hospital. Some tout in the hospital said Arvind that his wife, Sukhdevi is anemic and has developed some complication in her pregnancy. Arvind was informed that his wife needed 5 units of blood to be transfused and was asked to arrange RS 25,000 as soon as possible, reports The Hindustan Times.

Arvind, already father to a 3 YO daughter and a 1 YO son sought help from all his contacts but remained hopeless till a childless couple, who runs a vegetable stall approached him with a deal. They wanted to ‘buy’ the son for RS 25,000. Arvind demanded RS 40,000 and finally, the deal settled for RS 30,000. However, at the last moment, the buyer’s wife didn’t find the deal good enough and advised her husband to inform the police instead. And that’s how the Tirva police got involved in the case.

On Wednesday night the police reached the district hospital to find Arvind waiting outside with both his children. During interrogation, he confessed that he intended to sell his son and what liabilities had made him take the extreme decision. Realising his situation, the police decided to help him instead of taking any action against him.

Sub-inspector Brijendra Singh, who led the police team, said, “Kumar was shaken because of his wife’s condition and told me that he wanted to sell his child for money. I assured him of all possible help.”

He is from a poor family when we learnt about his wife and his poor condition, we collected some money among our self and gave it to him. As the wife was in need of the blood, we told him not to worry, and one of our constables and a few other people donated blood for her,” said sub-inspector Amod Kumar Singh to The Logical Indian.

Along with monetary help and blood, a lady Constable is also allotted to the ailing woman to help her throughout her treatment. Indeed, with this noble gesture, the men in khaki have won our hearts! In a country where the relationship between the police and citizens is not so comfortable, a gesture like this will certainly go a long way in winning the trust of people back!

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