Uttar Pradesh: Sonu Kumar Rajora, a government railway police (GRP) official carried a pregnant woman to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy.
Friday afternoon, when Bhavna started with her labour pain, she and her husband Mahesh were travelling by train from Hathras to Faridabad. The residents of Ballabhgarh town in the Faridabad district couldn’t find their way to a hospital from the Mathura cantonment station.


Not only did Rajora helped them get an autorickshaw after the duo couldn’t find an ambulance but carried the woman in his arms for 100 metres to the women’s facility of the hospital.

Speaking to TOI, Mahesh said, “We got down at the Mathura cantonment station. We were new to the city and requested many people for help but no one came forward. It was then that Rajora approached us. He called an ambulance but it never arrived. The policeman then arranged an auto-rickshaw and accompanied us to the district hospital in Mathura. But the doctor at the emergency there asked me to take Bhavna to the women’s facility, which was around 100 metres.”

Source : Techcrunch

“We cannot express our happiness at the birth of the boy. It was only possible because of the help that Rajora offered us. I could not even thank Rajora properly since he left immediately after ensuring that Bhavna was safe in the hands of the doctors,” Mahesh added.

Calling it his duty, Rajora said, “I called 108 and 102 services but no ambulance was available. The couple was new to the place and did not know their way around.”

Even though Rajora said it was his duty to help the one in need, we cannot neglect the fact that Rajora is one of those officials India has who will go out of their way to help people because doing good is all they want.

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