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India has still not recovered from the trauma Kathua and Mandsaur rape incidents have caused and another horror is already in news. This time it’s not any little girl but a woman, a mother to two kids who played the victim.

The woman was a resident of a village that falls under the jurisdiction of Rajpura police station of Sambhal district. She was 35 YO and her husband works in Ghaziabad as a daily laborer. The incident took place in the initial hours of Saturday when the five men barged into her house, raped her taking turns and finally, set her on fire in a temple near her house as she burned to death.

As per TOI report, here’s what her husband has to say in the police complaint-

All the five accused barged into my house finding my wife alone around 2.30 am on Saturday. They took turns to rape her. It was raining heavily and only a kerosene lamp was lit in the room at that time. After the incident, my wife narrated the whole incident to her cousin since my phone and her brother’s phone could not be reached. Before my wife’s cousin could inform the police and other family members, the accused came again and dragged my wife out and took her to a nearby temple where they torched her at the ‘yagyashala’“.

According to her husband, she also dialed the police’s number, but the calls were allegedly not answered.

We can imagine how difficult it would’ve been for the woman to make those calls. Yet, her call to the police went unanswered. But till now we were being told that ‘women safety is the first priority of police.’ Also, though it was raining heavily, it’s a suspicion how nobody could see her while she and her rapists were on their way to the temple from home? It can never be just another regular walk, after all. The men must have forced her and she must have cried for help.


Then how could none notice anything unusual? However, the truth, for now, is that a woman was gang-raped in her own house and burnt to death in a public place like a temple in broad daylight and yet, could be helped by none. Maybe the entire society is sick and disabled.

The five monsters have been identified and an FIR under IPC’s sections 376D (gang rape), 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence), 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapon) and 149 (every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object) has been lodged, says Rajpura station house officer Arun Kumar . The five accused are- Aram Singh, Mahaveer, Charan Singh, Gullu, and Kumarpal. They belong to the same village as the victim and had reportedly been troubling the deceased lady for a few months.

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“Two teams – surveillance and crime – have been tasked to arrest the accused who are at large. We are conducting raids at their whereabouts,” said circle officer Aqil Ahmed.

The additional director general of police Prem Prakash told TOI that they had collected some important evidence from the crime scene. “We have secured the audio clip of the last call made by the woman to her cousin on his mobile number in which she mentioned the names of the five accused who had barged into her house and raped her. This is indeed very crucial evidence for us. After lodging an FIR against the accused, two teams have been tasked to nab them. We are very close to arresting them,” the ADG said.

It’s good to know that you are taking longer and faster steps towards implementing Justice. We believe you would soon catch all of them and penalize them as directed by law. But your little intervention, like picking up her call on time could’ve saved her from dying such an awful death. Needless to say, five more criminals, who should be sentenced to equally ghastly death as the woman, will now spend casual days behind the bars in the name of ‘trials’ and ‘imprisonment’.

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