We hereby assume that you read news often enough to be aware of the fact, that ‘triple talaq’ has been declared illegal in India. There was joy and celebrations all around among Muslim women when they came to know of the declaration. It was called iconic, trendsetter and what not in the field of women empowerment but again, we failed to implement it.

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And this time, we failed miserably. Read the story narrated by this woman to TOI, and analyse where did we exactly fail to protect her human rights.

“I got married to my husband, a driver by profession, in July 2009, and lived at Surkha Raja Chowk mohalla under Premnagar police station. Since I couldn’t give birth to a child, my husband and in-laws started abusing and torturing me. On February 15, 2011, my husband gave me instant triple talaq in the presence of the family members.”

Source : Scroll

“I asked him where I would go, because my father was dead and mother lived with my brothers, who had their own responsibilities. My husband and in-laws then told me to go through nikah halala with my father-in-law. I refused, so they began beating and starving me. They also started giving me narcotic injections. On July 1, 2011, they got me married with my father-in-law, who raped me several times before giving me triple talaq after 10 days,” the woman added.

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“I was married to my husband again in November 2011, but my father-in-law continued raping me, while my husband beat me several times. I had to live in that hellish situation for six years. On January 4, 2017, my husband gave me triple talaq again,” the woman said.

She had filed a complaint in February 2017 but hadn’t mentioned rape fearing social stigma. Even then, she was being persuaded by her in-laws to marry her brother-in-law through nikah halala but she refused. She, by profession is an embroidery artisan and earns some RS 50 per day.

I have been living with my younger sister and her 14-year-old daughter at Garhi Chowki locality here since my mother and sister rescued me from my husband who had confined me in a room with no access to food for three days after giving me triple talaq second time. My husband wants me to do nikah halala with his younger brother. They are continuously giving me death threats, but this time I am determined to fight them and get justice,” says she.

On Tuesday, police booked her father-in-law for rape, husband, and other family members for harassment based on her FIR.

Since the case relates to domestic violence and dowry charges, it has been sent to police counseling centre. If the case is not resolved within a fortnight, we will arrest the accused.”

Violating someone’s basic human rights and self respect can never be a part of any ‘tradition’. And if any religion asks its followers to rape a woman in the name of any god damn cause, may be the religion needs amendments.

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