Uttar Pradesh: A married woman faked her own dowry death, to marry another man in the area of Barabanki. The father of the woman, who was unaware of his daughter’s plans has been charged under Section 182 for misleading the court as he had filed an FIR for his missing daughter charging her in-laws with a dowry case.

According to a report by TOI, the police confirmed that Rubi, a resident of Safdarganj was married to Rahul who was also a resident of the same area in 2016. Rubi’s father, Hariprasad approached the police in 2018 to lodge a complaint against his daughter’s husband, Rahul, father-in-law, and mother-in-law for dowry for demanding dowry but the case was called off by police due to lack of evidence and information in the case. Hariprasad, however, moved to the local court and on Court’s order, police lodged a case again in July.


When Rubi’s father approached us and accused his son-in-law of killing his daughter for dowry, we probed the matter, but couldn’t recover her body,” said Barabanki SP V P Srivastava.
“But after the FIR was lodged on the court’s order we again started our probe. After we came to know that her Facebook ID was active, we tracked her FB footprint for two months and put her phone on surveillance,” he added.

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Rubi admitted faking her death and marrying another man, Ramu. The duo got arrested after a team was sent to Delhi. After the revelation, the police lifted up the case against Rahul and his family.

Women do take undue advantages of section 498(A) of Indian Penal Code to allegedly frame their in-laws of dowry-related mistreatment. The law that was ideally included to refrain people from demanding dowry or assaulting brides for the sake of it, has reportedly been misused by some women to falsely accuse in-laws for advantage or revenge purpose. Now, with this major loop in the law, the time demands enforcement of new laws to protect those who fall victims to its misuse as well.

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