There has never been a day when we don’t see news related to rape, and all we do is turn the pages and wish that it doesn’t happen again. What about the rape survivors, women and the men who go through it, they can’t turn this page of their lives, Can they?

According to a report by The Times of India, on an average eight women are raped and 30 are abducted every day in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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Recently, in the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a backward woman was gang-raped by four men in the vicinity of her own house. Four men, identified as Horil Lal, Gagan, Jai Kishore and Chotey Lal, had barged into her home when she was alone on June 29, raped her one by one and threatened her to keep shut or else they’ll do something to her family.

After gathering some courage she narrated her ordeal with the husband. When he confronted the accused, they attacked his wife and raped her again.
According to a report by The DNA India, “They brutalized her private parts and then paraded her naked in the village. Neither the police nor the villagers came to our rescue,” charged the husband.

The couple even informed the police regarding the incident but sought no help from them for the same. Turns out even the rest of the village went blind because the accused were involved with influential people.
The accused did this to take revenge from the backward family as their nephew was having an affair with a girl of the same village. They even threatened to kill their entire family.

“They had threatened my nephew to keep off from the girl but when he did not stop meeting her, they gang-raped my wife to seek revenge,” alleged the husband.
The husband of the victim then lodged a complaint at the Kurara Police Station because of the continuous life threats.

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“We have also ordered an inquiry into the role of policemen who did not act in time to check the incident. Strict action would be taken against those found guilty,” said the Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar.

It’s high time that the Government makes sure the leaders given power for the benefit of the people stop using it against them. And the citizens who stay shut when this happens to someone, instead should stand up for them. ‘Cause today it might be her and if we need this to not happen tomorrow, we do have to stand together, against rape and against them.

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