Busy city doesn’t have a lot of time to observe things going around the city but never fails to respond and react on the humanitarian grounds.
HDFC’s branch in Fort, Mumbai got spikes installed outside their branch to avoid homeless people sleeping there. The iron-spikes are long, sharp and many.


Upon noticing, people took it to twitter by raising the question what if someone trips and falls down? A child, elderly or a physically challenged? It will be a serious accident as the spikes are quite sharp.

Others raised the issues of humanity that how they lack empathy for homeless and asked the authorities to take it down on urgent basis as on busy and highly crowded streets of mumbai, it is not safe to say that actions like these won’t harm or raise any hazardous consequences.

Similar step was taken after spikes were installed in London, though they were comparatively blunt and short.

After the twitter outrage, Neeraj Jha, head of Corporate Communications, felt sorry for the inconvenience and declared that they are removing the spikes on priority basis.

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