Uttar Pradesh: 6-year old girl gangraped, murdered, lungs and liver taken out for black magic ritual.

Gang-raped. Murdered. Lungs taken out. Liver taken out. The sheer barbaric nature of the crime is bound to make you squirm. Whether human beings are at all capable of such atrocious acts of cruelty is something you’re bound to ask, as you read about the incident in disbelief. In what appears to be one of the rarest of rare crimes – a seven-year-old girl was found dead in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur on Sunday with her lungs and liver extracted. The police suspect that the accused also raped.

The police said a childless couple in the girl’s village paid ₹ 1,000 to two men who are neighbors of the child to perform an occult ritual so that the couple could have children. They said that Parshuram got married in 1999 but had not had a child so far which led them to resort to desperate and inhuman measures, the officer said.

Uttar Pradesh police nabbed the accused within a day: source

The two men allegedly kidnapped the girl on Saturday – the night of Diwali in Ghatampur area of Kanpur. The men, drunk, first abducted the girl while she had gone out of her home in Bhadras village on Saturday night to buy firecrackers. They took her to a nearby jungle, where they raped her before killing her, and carving her lungs out. After this, they allegedly extracted the liver from the girl’s body and took it to the couple as part of the ‘ritual’.

Her body was found the next morning by some villagers passing through the jungle and her belongings, including her clothes and slippers, were found near a tree. Some other body parts could also have been extracted, the police said. The child was found dead in a village on Sunday morning. All four accused have been arrested. “Several teams were deployed to crack the case. The girl’s neighbors, Ankul and Beeran, were picked up based on suspicion. On questioning, they confessed. They said a man called Parshuram, who is the uncle of Ankur, paid them some money to do this,” senior police officer Brajesh Srivastava said to NDTV. “The two (Ankul and Beeran) were drunk and tried to misbehave with her. After this, they cut her open, took out her liver, and gave it to Parshuram.

Black magic is one of the regressive practices of India: source

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken note of the crime and directed officials to take strict action against the accused. He has also directed the officials to extend the financial help of ₹ 5 lakh to the victim’s family. The Chief Minister has also said the case would be heard in a fast-track court so that the accused are punished at the earliest.

Time and again we have heard of ghastly incidents of black magic. India is an ancient country where there used to be many superstitious along with great traditions. Many of the social evils and superstitions were abolished in the past centuries. But there are still a few evil practices prevailing that are actually a threat to society. Black magic is one such problem that still has its roots in some corners of the country, and it has resulted in countless lives lost. From instances of women suspected as witches being beaten up by villagers to death to instances of children being killed to purify sins, or in this case, help one couple bear a child – it is a testament to the superstitions that haven’t been eradicated yet. Social change is a time-consuming and gradual process but the government must be persistent in its effort to educate the mass and weed out such heinous practices from society. 


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