UP: Brutally raped 6 YO battles for her life in ICU. Accused on the run, even after 36 hrs

Nirbhaya. That one brutal rape and consequent death in the country’s capital raged protests across the country, and the thirst for justice was quenched only with the hanging of the brutal rapists. That was in 2012.

Eight years later, a barbaric rape in Hapur, reminds us of the Nirbhaya incident all over again. The same brutal act of rape, mutilation of private parts, unimaginable torture, the inhuman treatment meted out to the victim by the perpetrator. The victim this time, a little girl of just six, who is now battling for her life after she was kidnapped from outside her house in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur, brutally raped and then left to die in a field.

The girl was kidnapped by a bike-borne assailant on Thursday (August 6) evening when she was playing outside her house in Garhmukteshwar Kotwali area of Hapur. The kidnapper brutally raped the minor girl, mutilated her private parts, dumped her in a field near the village, and escaped from the spot.

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The girl was barely in her senses, could not stand up, or make her way to her home, as she lay collapsed on the field. After she could not be found for a long time, her family members and villagers tried looking for her. The Kotwali police were then informed and fearing the worst, a kidnapping case was filed. A police team was formed to search for the victim who tried to find her. The family and villagers intensified the search at dawn and after some time the family members were informed that the girl was lying in a nearby jungle in an unconscious state. Soon after, hundreds of enraged villagers gathered and the mob started looking for the accused in the fields but the accused had long fled by then.

The girl’s family and police rushed her to the government hospital in Hapur in a critical condition. She was later referred to the Medical college in Meerut since she required surgeries. Doctors at the Meerut hospital confirmed that the six-year-old had been raped, her private parts were damaged, and she has sustained very complex injuries. So complex, in fact, that it’s difficult to perform any kind of surgery — the doctors have had to create an alternative passage for urine and excreta.

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Her private parts have been significantly damaged. It can’t be immediately treated as the tissues got scattered. A separate tube has been surgically placed to ensure disposal of fecal matter,” a doctor at LLRM told TOI. Besides, there are abrasions all over her body, the doctor said.

The medical report confirmed rape and internal injuries. An FIR was registered against an unidentified bike-borne man,” said Hapur ASP Sarvesh Mishra.

The police, meanwhile, have not been able to nab the accused even after 36 hours of the incident.

“According to the witnesses, the girl didn’t resist when she was lured by the motorist suggesting the person could be known to her or the family. We have also prepared a sketch based on the account of two women who claimed to have seen the abductor,” Hapur additional superintendent of police Sarvesh Mishra said to The Print.

The Hapur police have released three sketches of the accused rapist, who is absconding

On the orders of Additional Director General of Police, eight teams have been formed to probe the case and nab the accused. Three sketches of suspects have also been prepared.

As the little girl fights for life, which hangs by a thread and her condition has been described as ‘extremely critical’, we must revisit the topic of rape, have a constructive dialogue about what can be done at the grass-root level to actually reduce the crime level, enforce stricter punishments as a deterrent and work actively towards making a safer society where heinous crimes like these aren’t a daily occurrence.



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