There is no word still discovered for a person who sexually exploits his own family, his own children instead of saving them from prying eyes of the outer world.

In the same line, a shocking incident came to light when an NGO based in Uttar Pradesh organised a counselling session on ‘good touch and bad touch’ for students of a school at Kannauj, U.P.

During counselling, the incident came to notice after a 12-year-old-girl got her first chance to tell what she has been through in her life. The girl after attending the counselling session informed her school teachers that she was allegedly raped by the father for last seven years as reported by NewsNation.

The report quotes Pratibha Deepak Maheshwari, who runs an NGO and helped the victim file the case as saying, “School principal on learning the incident counselled the girl but did not report the matter to the authorities.”

Maheshwari briefed the media that girl’s father was raping her since she was five-years-old and her mother was aware of this heinous act of her husband but she did not utter a single word against him and let him continue abusing her children.


And the most shocking thing that the girl revealed was that she was not alone in being exploited, her elder sister was also a victim of her father but she used to avoid her father. She also told that her father used to rape her whenever she used to be alone in the house.

Uttar Pradesh police have registered an FIR against the girl’s father under section 4 of the Pocso Act and IPC section 376 and 506.


The incident once again makes us ponder about the importance of imparting the knowledge of good touch and bad touch to the kids at a very young age when they remain a soft target for the vultures of our society.

It’s the need of hour to educate the kids about good and bad touch so that they can detect and report to their elders, teachers or guardian and keep reporting repeatedly until and unless it gets stopped.

But all this education and imparting of knowledge will go in vain if parents will not give attention and take action towards their kids reporting.

The Indian Feed is hopeful that the culprit will be sentenced for doing this heinous crime and urges to all the parents out there to educate their kids about good and bad touch and requests them to report if they encounter any such incident.

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