It is not the first time that Uttar Pradesh has shocked the whole nation with its brutality, inhumane behaviour and negligence.


Again, it has been witness in the Aligarh of UP that because Doctors were on strike because of some spar between a student leader and woman doctor, instead of finding an alternative, patients who were admitted with injuries after a railway accident were found tied up with the beds so that they don’t fall off as no staff could be there with them and they were not having any relatives.

The case is of Aligarh Muslim University’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College.

When further probed into the matter, the CMO of Jawaharlal Medical College, SH Zaidi said:

“They are being treated by senior doctors. Our beds don’t have side guards. The patients don’t have any relative with them and our staff can also not sit here all the time. So, we have tied them to the bed to stop them from falling.”

This level of medical negligence can’t be tolerated on any grounds and this could be one reason that people die even after being in the Emergency Wards.

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