We all enjoy monsoons but it gets worse in some areas where it just doesn’t stop. India is a country where the majority of the farmers pray for the monsoons but there are some people who want the rains to go. From landslides in the hills because of torrential rains to floods in the coastal areas, monsoons make it tough for people in some specific areas to survive.

A man in Uttarakhand was carried by villagers for 7 kilometres to a hospital in Dharchula after the roads were washed away by the continuous heavy rains causing landslides in the region.

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The man is seeing carried on by the villagers on their back. It is yet not known who the villagers were and whether they knew the man or not or were they, mere acquaintances. But this act of theirs will always be a gift of life to the man regardless of who he was and who they were.

If humanity stays alive, we can still manage to recover from the inhuman, destructible things happening around us but it is us who have to keep it alive. Being selfless is what takes you to be someone’s hero, the man found his. And because he saw how it felt to get a life back, he will help someone else in need. This is what we learn from life. To give what you can, whenever you can.

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