A few incidents that have been reported over last few days really raise the question about the sensitivity of the school and teachers towards the students.

The first surprising incident was from a school in Tamil Nadu where a teacher period shamed the student and the traumatized kid committed suicide later. The incident was followed by the brutal murder in Ryan International School in Delhi and rape of a 7-year-old girl by a peon of Tagore Public School Delhi.The fourth was when an 11-year-old girl was made to stand in boys toilet by the PT teacher.

Adding to the list here is another one from Vadodara based CK Prajapati School where two girls from class 2 were asked to unbutton their shirt by their female teacher in front of the class for not doing the homework.


As per TOI report, Parents of the girl noticed her strange behavior as she was keeping very quiet after coming from school. She also told them that she did not want to go to the school again. The kid finally revealed the shameful incident to her parents. She also said that another girl too was asked to open the buttons of her shirt for not completing homework.

The parents after knowing about the incident went to the school and created ruckus after which the school demanded the immediate resignation of the female teacher.The family, however, decided to not lodge a police complaint against the teacher and school administration.

One of the girl’s father claimed that when his wife asked the teacher, she admitted that she had asked to unbutton the shirts but had not really done it. She wanted to set an example in the class and has also done this in the past too with other students, he said.


The parents are now planning to shift her to another school next academic year.
TOI quoted the school principal Vasanti Patel as saying, “The teacher may have said but she told me that she had not unbuttoned the shirts. Later, today when I went on rounds, other students of the girls’ class told me, on asking, that the teacher had not said anything about unbuttoning.

The whole incident is really shameful and shocking, the teachers of these small kids really need to understand what sensitivity is. They need to understand how humiliating it can be for kids to undergo such punishments, not only it can cause mental trauma but in some cases, kids can also think of taking extreme steps. These kids are the future of our nation and they need to be taught with empathy and love, not with hatred and humiliation.

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