In a world that is turning apathetic with every passing day, sometimes we come across News which make us hang our head in shame. A few days back we had reported one such heinous incident where a father had repeatedly raped her 16 Years old daughter and she is going to give birth to his baby in 2 months.

In yet another case of sexual violence against women, a case of incest has been reported from Palanpur Gujarat, where a 17-year-old girl has given birth to a baby born out of rape by her 19 years old brother.


According to a TOI report, the accused raped her for nine months in Sariyad village and was booked for the crime on Wednesday.The girl delivered the baby in Dharpur Hospital on Monday critical and the baby is now in a critical condition and has been put on a life-support system.

When the doctors asked the victim to reveal the name of her father she refused after which on the basis of suspicion the police was informed.

We have recorded the girl’s statement, wherein she alleged that her elder brother had been raping her for the last nine months. He sexually assaulted her in the night when everyone was asleep. He used to gag her mouth and then rape her. She has two brothers,”Police sub-inspector, Vagdod police station, N R Patel was quoted by TOI.

Source : reuters

The brother who has been booked by police under Section 376 which details with rape is on a run.Once the age of the girl is confirmed by the police the accused will also be booed under POCSO.The girl’s family members work as farm labourer and shockingly the mother told that although her son has committed a criminal blunder he should not be arrested as they are from a poor background.

She also told that only after the girl gave birth to the baby she came to know about
her pregnancy.

Incidents like these are a blot on humanity and make us wonder where are we headed in the future!

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