With new animal abuse cases coming in with each passing day, this sweet gesture of a man is reinstating our faith in humanity.


The man is a Forest officer in the Mettupalayam Forest Department. When he found a baby elephant struggling to free himself from mud after falling into a canal, he himself took the responsibility to not only free him but ensure he gets back with his herd.

The incident occurred a week ago in Nellimala district of Ooty. Forest officials were alerted by locals after a female adult elephant was found near this location, attacking vehicles and civilians who were attempting to enter the area. Personnel burst crackers to scare the animal away, but it kept coming back. When they finally managed to send it a good distance away, they noticed that a calf was stuck in the canal.

The female elephant attacking the civilians was actually trying to find help for the calf.When this came to the notice of the forest officials they immediately rushed for help.


As the calf was unable to walk, a member of the forest department carried the calf on his shoulder to return it to its mother.

According to reports, the elephant herd was in the Nellithurai area, but the calf kept on returning to the officials each time they sent it back to the group. Forest officials waited for two days, feeding the weakened calf Lactogen, glucose and coconut water.Finally, the baby elephant was approached by his mother on Thursday and thus was reunited with the herd.

We applaud the efforts of forest officials to go out of the way and care for the baby elephant.

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