In the recent past, we have seen a lot of heartwarming gestures by the forest officials towards the elephant calves who get separated from their mother.But looks like not every human is so kind hearted towards these creatures. In an extremely insensitive act, a mob in Karnataka village separated an elephant calf from its mother to click selfies with it.

As reported by Times Of India, on Monday, three elephants had entered the village in search of food. Locals tried to drive them back into the forest by shouting and bursting crackers. While the adult elephants rushed towards forest due to the noise, the calf was not so strong to run and hence got separated from its mother.


Even after the calf began to cry the mother didn’t dare to return to it as the calf was surrounded by the villagers who were clicking selfies with it.Gradually, the villagers took the calf away from its mother.

When the forest officials arrived they calmed the traumatised calf down. Unfortunately, during the time the forest officials took the baby for treatment the mother elephant reached the village but returned after she was unable to find her anywhere.


Officials have said that they will send the calf to the forest and will monitor the mother elephant. The height of insensitivity and the amount of cruelty shown by the villagers in separating a baby from its mother just for a selfie is shameful and shows how we have ruined everything for these poor creatures.First, we destroy their habitats and when they lose their way we throw crackers and stones at them.

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