There has been a long-term debate over providing bullet proof jackets to our soldiers.
But, recently a series of videos have surfaced over the internet which shows how our brave soldiers are even deprived of basic amenities. The chain of videos has been uploaded by a jawan named “Tej Bahadur Yadav” who claims to be from the 29th battalion of the Border Security Force in Jammu and Kashmir . The videos show the status of services and facilities which our soldiers are getting at the front, while they risk out there lives to guard the frontiers.

The jawan who has uploaded the video says that he is very much aware of the consequences he will have to face after these videos go viral, but he says he will continue to do the same as he is concerned about the fact that soldiers receive the basic amenities, at least.

Though he has not made any direct acquisition at any particular individual but he has pointed a finger at the top level administration for having failed to provide the basic standard amenities.

Watch the first video here:

While we sleep in our cozy blankets, our soldiers out there at the front risk their lives, fighting against the enemy and fighting for basic requirements. It is time we stand together for the soldiers of our nation, for their rights, as only posting patriotic status’ or sharing images and tales of soldiers on your facebook wall is not going to help.

Here is the video that shows their breakfast. In this video, he claims that for breakfast they are provided burnt chapatis along with a glass of tea and asks how can they do their duty with food like this?

Watch this third video that shows how after 10 hours of duty, this is what he gets – a soup made of turmeric and salt , sans lentils and a few burnt chapatis.

We at ” The Indian Feed” offer our support and ask our viewers to come forward in huge numbers against this injustice and the least we can do is to share these videos so that it reaches the top-level authorities.

Update : Home Minister took to Twitter to say he has sought a report.

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