On 23rd October a news surfaced from Vizag that left the whole nation red-faced and shocked. A homeless 43-Year-old woman was raped in broad daylight near a busy road by a 21-Year-old drunk man, what was more shameful was the fact that the bystanders chose to record the video instead of saving the woman.This incident once again brought our apathetic nature to the limelight. 

The accused truck cleaner, Ganji Siva was arrested after an auto driver approached the police officials with the video of the act. The act of bystanders along with the auto driver was also questioned, as instead of recording the videos they chose to record videos.

Ganji Siva/ Source

Now, according to a Times Of India report, the auto driver has been booked by the police
as he had provided the video footage to the officials.He has been booked under IPC section 354(C) which deals with Voyeurism. Reportedly, four people had taken the video from the auto driver which included 2 policemen and rest were from the media.

A case under IPC section 354 (C) and also under IT Act has been registered against the auto driver and cops have also seized his mobile phone.The report further said that the auto driver was booked by the cops after the top cops from Amravati allegedly pressurized them.

Voyeurism/ Representational image/Source

After the incident, social media was divided into two parts, while a majority of the people felt that all the bystanders who chose to record the videos should be booked, while the other half felt that had the driver not shared the video of the shameful act with the police, the matter would have never come to limelight.

Even the union minister Maneka Gandhi on Wednesday told that all the people who were recording the act were equally guilty and should be booked under the law.


Quoting the sources, TOI report stated that the step seems like a move by the top cops towards saving their image. East Zone assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Anne Narasimha Murthy told TOI that the auto driver had given information and helped in catching the accused. However, he was booked for voyeurism, since the video was shared with his mobile.

The auto driver who is a father of three girl children has now gone underground, as he feels that the accused Siva could harm his family, TOI reported.While we are also of the opinion that the people who were recording the act were equally guilty, the action against the auto driver looks more like an attempt to make him a scapegoat.



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