In winter staying indoors to enjoy the long cold nights along with some good mouthwatering food becomes the most tempting thing to us. But, unlike us, there are so many homeless people out there for whom there exists no such luxury. They can’t afford nice and comfy jackets to protect them from the biting cold. Life becomes all about survival for people on the streets.

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The situation of homeless people is intensely painful this year without night shelters. The severe cold wave has already led to the death of over 70 homeless people while all the phone calls to the respective senior officials have remained unanswered,reports TOI.

Due to drastic cold two persons named Ram Kishore Rawat, 40, and Mahesh, 35, have died in Barabanki district. One person died in Harchandpur in Faizabad, an infant in Ambedkarnagar, one in Rae Bareli’s Makhdoompur and one in Unchahaar.

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Around 22 deaths have been reported from Poorvanchal from which three each in Brij and Bareilly divisions 11 in Allahabad division and 28 in Bundelkhand region.

According to the government officials, they have made required arrangements for homeless people including bonfires and night shelters. But the number of deaths tells a different story.

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According to Indiatimes, the most bonfires have been arranged near the bungalows of Ministers and political leaders. Lucknow Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia had to call the city Commissioner regarding this prejudice in wood distribution.

The temperature has dropped to 2.8 degrees Celsius in Sultanpur district whereas in Lucknow it is expected to be 3 degrees Celsius.

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