Punjab: Students of a private university in the Bhatinda district of the state went on a protest when dozen or so female students living in one of the campus hostels were asked to strip just to check who allegedly dumped the soiled sanitary napkin in the toilet.

As per reports, it was only after the protest of around 700 students that the authorities at the Akal University in Talwandi Sabo terminated the services of two female wardens and two female security guards but left them in the open without taking any legal action.


A university where the environment is said to be so conservative that the male and female students are not allowed to even talk to each other, the students have stood united against the authorities demanding legal actions against the four former employees.

Similar incidents have happened in the past, one being last year in November where some 15 schoolgirls in a village were allegedly frisked to checked who allegedly dumped the napkin in the toilet. Another one happened in the Talwandi Sabo varsity where the wardens of the university allegedly stripped over 12 residents with help of two female guards to check who dumped the soiled sanitary napkins.

Source : mymed.com

Women menstrual health is important and so is the safety of the environment. Please use products that are biodegradable and reusable and it is equally necessary to dump them in the right place. Menstrual cups are a very good alternative if you don’t like using sanitary napkins, so are tampons. Switch over to them and explore your comfort and ease. Meanwhile, it’s a request to the authorities of every school/college/universities to please bring a general awareness menstrual health and hygiene programme or workshops in their daily syllabus, so the girls and the women know what to use, how and what should they do at this time of the month. This should no more be a taboo, it’s necessary and it’s high time things like these get discussed at every classroom, be it  a school,a madarsa, college or a university.

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