A familyless Hindu man, Milan Das, a resident of Burdwan’s Nurse Quarters in West Bengal, died an uncertain death due to heart ailments and was given a proper funeral by his Muslim friend, Rabi Sheikh.

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When the incident happened, the neighbours were left in a dilemma as to who would do his last rites, as Rabi Sheikh came to his friend’s rescue for the last time.
He agreed to sign up for the job when even the police couldn’t trace his family and decided to perform the last rites an as an unidentified body. But Rabi, leaving all the hindrances aside, his religion and the society, took all the responsibility from lighting his funeral pyre to hosting his shraadh.

Everyone was touched by this act of Rabi and the priest at the funeral described himself as ‘fortunate’ to have witnessed such heartwarming friendship. According to a report, “I wonder if I will ever be so fortunate again. This is friendship winning over religious restrains,” the priest told Anandabazar Patrika.
Rabi not only gave up his issues of not knowing how to perform the rites but the ones the society gave him for coming from a different religion. We truly saw an epitome of humanity and as well as of friendship.

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“We were very good friends. There has hardly been a day in the last 10 years when we haven’t met,” the report quotes Rabi.
“He was to be deprived of a proper funeral because he had no family. How could I let that happen? So for the last 10 days, I have been following all rules that are required to perform in a Hindu funeral for my friend,” he added.
Like everybody else, even Rabi was left in a shock when he heard the news of his close friend.


“We even chatted on May 28 night. Next day I came back from work and heard that he had passed away. I had never suspected this tragedy,” Rabi said according to a report. Well, Rabi taught us that when it comes to humanity, we have no religion and caste. If you want to do good, you can do it irrespective of any cultural bounds. What Rabi did, describes him as a very loyal and a nobleman. It is hard to see friendships like these, what Rabi and Milan had, teaches us a lot about relationships and humanity.

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