In yet another shameful and shocking incident of rape, a 22-year-old woman was allegedly dragged out of a car and raped by five men. The horrific act took place on the roadside in Tigra village, near Golf Course Extension Road, on Sunday.

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According to to the victim, she is from West Bengal and stays in a renthouse in Gurgaon. She went to visit her husband’s elder brother with her family to Tigra village. While they were returning in her husband’s elder brother’s car, they had to take a break on the way Sector 57. Her husband got down to urinate and her nephew went to drink water.

The accused came in two cars and stopped near them. After that they started arguing with her relatives which led to a fight.

According to an official who is doing the investigation, one accused, Sanjeet dragged the woman out of the car and raped her. Though one of the accused asked him not to do this, Sanjeet didn’t stop.


One official said to Hindustan Times,“None of the other accused was aware of what he (Sanjeet) was doing and the entire incident happened within a couple of minutes. The accused from Johalka village had come to Tigra to drop Pawan Sharma when the fighting and rape took place.”

When the attackers heard the police van coming, they fled the scene in their cars. But the police nabbed them from their village using their car number which the victim’s husband managed to remember. Gurgaon police’s spokesperson Ravinder Kumar said to Hindustan times, “All the five accused have been arrested and produced in court today (Tuesday). The fifth accused Pawan Sharma was arrested from Tigra village late in the night. No weapon was used during the crime.”

The four men, identified as Deshveer, Dharmender, Pawan, and Sanjeet were arrested from Johalka village in Sohna and another one, Pawan Sharma was arrested from Tigra village.Under the sections of the Indian Penal Code, police have charged the accused persons for hurting. rape, criminal intimidation.

Yet another day and yet another incident of sexual assault of a woman, here’s hoping for an India safer for women and girls!

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