Have you ever been so over-excitedly happy for something that it immediately led to the inverse reaction?

Happens right!

Something similar happened in Asansol district of West Bengal, where a video of a cop led to his suspension.

The officer named Krishna Sadhan Mondal posted as Assistant Sub-Inspector at Hirapur police station, Asansol, was suspended just days after he was transferred after a video of him dancing to Bollywood songs went massively viral.

According to a media report, the video was shot on 2nd of December where the cop can be seen celebrating his transfer to Chittaranjan police station.

Charges were also levied against another officer who was filming the entire incident, The cops were reportedly on duty when the whole incident occurred.

As reported by the Indian Express Laxmi Narayan Meena, Commissioner of Asansol- Durgapur Police Commiserate, told reporters, “The police officer concerned has been closed and the departmental inquiry has been ordered on the entire event.”

“Conduct of an officer in Bengal Police is guided by the Police Regulations Bengal, 1943. Apart from that, each government employee is also guided by Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1960. Such incidents, if come to the view of people, can lower the image of the police in public eye. Moreover, discipline and efficiency optimization of the force could also be compromised by such acts.” said an IPS officer when interviewed by TOI

Contradicting the statement of the IPS officer we all agree that duty must be performed with dedication but there is nothing wrong in celebrating little joys with your colleagues, and to suspend someone from a job for such a mere reason is totally unacceptable.

Just recently, another video of a police officer singing had gone viral and people all over India went in awe of him for his soulful voice.

Our question is why wasn’t this cop suspended for singing? Why singing in free time is acceptable but dancing is lewd?

From the Video it doesn’t seem that they dismissed working on all cases to celebrate, but, rather had a fun moment in the little free time they got.Even the ladies in the video seem to be cheering for him. Don’t we office-goers regularly indulge in gossips not only in our free time but even in our working hours? Then why should a cop be dismissed for enjoying his achievements and moreover trying to lighten up the mood amidst such a high tension job?

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