As we are concerned about how to give women a safe and secure life, crime against women has come up with another dimension. This is the news of Birbhum district of West Bengal. A pregnant woman was beaten to death at her in-law’s house for which her husband and her sister-in-law have been arrested by now and the search for her mother-in-law is going on.


The reason behind this crime has put humanity to shame. As said by a local she was allegedly forced for a prenatal sex determination of her fetus by her in-laws after her pregnancy was confirmed. When it became evident that it’s a girl the news enraged her family and they decided to end her life with her unborn baby.

On one hand, we are tired of questioning people’s morality and heights of insanity they are living with. On the other hand, we wonder how despite being strictly banned prenatal sex determination is still being carried out? We got to notice one incidence, but such glitches in the system might be the reasons behind the death of many unborn lives. Well, who knows?

HT: Indiatimes

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