India is known for its diverse culture and religious communities accommodated beautifully in a bunch of varied lands. Missionaries and followers of various religious communities have been making attempts to preserve and preach their own community and keep them alive in hearts of coming generations. There had been many religious constraints proposed by the saints, which are usually being followed since ages.


A ban has been imposed against the Islamic women by the prominent fatwa, Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh from watching the game of soccer in television as it projects the bare legs and thighs of players which is a shameful act for the community as It stands against the laws and practices of Islam. This seems to be drawn from a similar ban imposed in Saudi Arabia in 2015 Sheikh Saad Al Hajari, a Muslim cleric.
Do you have no shame? Do you not fear God? You let her watch these kinds of things!” he said in his sermon on Friday.


“Why do women need to watch these football matches? What will they gain by looking at footballer’s thighs? Their attention will be on that only and they will even miss the scores,” Kasmi said as reported by Times Now. He believes that it could be captivating for the women to watch legs of men other than their husband.

A Muslim women’s rights activist, Sahira Nasih said in response to the statements made by the fatwa: “It implies that Muslim women should not watch any athletic event, tennis matches or swimming championships. How can it be immoral for a woman to watch men playing sport?”


Islam has listed various ‘sinful actions which are forbidden’ according to the laws of the community, commonly known as ‘harams’. Injecting tattoos, slaughtering animals without saying Allah’s name, men wearing silk and gold and furthermore has been forbidden by the saints and fatwas.

A set of rules and ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ is necessary in every community in order to conserve the divine heritage of our religions. However, with time everything changes, and twisting the History to impose such weird bans and fatwas is just ridiculous.

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