Nirbhaya case convict Akshay filed his review petition in the Supreme Court on Tuesday questioning his death penalty as he will anyway die soon due to bad air and water in Delhi.

The petition was filed through his lawyer AP Singh, and it suggests that given the environmental conditions in Delhi, Akshay does not deserve to get a death penalty.

“It is important to note here that the air quality of Delhi-NCR and metro city is like a gas chamber. Not only this, but the water of Delhi-NCR is also full of poison. This fact is proved by the Government of India report submitted in the Parliament,” News18 quoted his plea as reading. 


It added: “Everyone is aware of what is happening in Delhi-NCR concerning air and water. Life is going to be short, then why the death penalty?”

It further read: “It is mentioned in our Ved, Purans, Upanishad that in the age of Satyug, people lived thousands of years. In Treta Yuga, a man used to live for thousands of years…but now it is Kalyug. In this era, the age of a human being is reduced much. It has now come down to 50-60 years.”

The petition mentioned that fewer people nowadays live up to 80-90 years of age and that the rich are rarely sent to the gallows.

On December 16, 2012, the convicts gang-raped and brutalized a woman on a moving bus in Delhi. The woman, Nirbhaya, later succumbed to her injuries.

Nirbhaya convict Akshay

The review petition of the three other convicts – Mukesh, Vinay, and Pawan – was scrapped by the top court in 2018.

Akshay is the last of the four convicts and if the court chooses to dismiss his petition, he will have the option to file a mercy plea with the president of India. 

Be it Nirbhaya’s rape case, Unnao’s, Priyanka Reddy’s or the many thousands before, post or in between that happened in our country, a rapist is a rapist and there is no other punishment that they deserve apart from leaving this place to be a better one. 

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