Black Widow star, David Harbour, has hinted the film could introduce the Winter Guard, Russia’s version of the Avengers. The MCU is gradually revealing that superhumans have always been part of its world, with Falcon & Winter Soldier introducing Isaiah Bradley, a Captain America who served during the Korean War. The evidence is building that Black Widow will play a key role in continuing these revisions to world history.

But in the original Venom, the astronaut who brought the alien symbiote back from space was John Jameson. And in Spider-Man mythology, John Jameson is the son of J. Jonah Jameson, who is the publisher of The Daily Bugle. So is there a J. Jonah in this world? And does Spider-Man work for him? (It’s also being reported that if you freeze frame the trailer as the detective crumples up the paper, you can see a headline that mentions The Avengers, but that’s a whole different can or worms to open

Official character profiles for Harbour’s Red Guardian have confirmed his character is a super-soldier created during the Cold War to be Russia’s answer to Captain America. This suggests that, in the MCU, the Cold War was a superhero arms race in which the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. competed to develop superhuman champions. This has naturally led to speculation that Black Widow could further flesh out the history of the MCU’s Cold War, and even introduce other superhumans who served as part of it.

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