The mention of Ursa Major is particularly interesting. In the comics, Ursa Major is a mutant who possesses the ability to morph into a giant bear; there’s already been speculation Ursa Major could be in Black Widow, perhaps with Dutch strongman, Olivier Richters, playing the part. In a quirk of timing that may well be no coincidence, Hasbro recently confirmed one of their popular Marvel Legends action figure ranges will include an Ursa Major Build-A-Figure. If Ursa Major does indeed appear in Black Widow, then he would potentially be the MCU’s first identifiable mutant. He may well not have been a Fox property, though, simply because he’s commonly associated with the Avengers, not the X-Men; it’s likely his rights were shared, in a similar manner to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Still, with mutants now being back with Marvel Studios, Marvel should be able to play Ursa Major straight.

MICHAEL CHAVES: It’s funny, from the first read of the script, I learned that it was gonna open with the exorcism of David, which is a real Catholic-approved exorcism that happened. I rewatched The Exorcist a bunch of times, because that feels like the definitive exorcism of a child movie, and I was like, “How can I top this? There’s no way. This is such a legendary movie.” That’s why I put a nod to it, when the priest rolls up. But year, it is funny how that is something that always works. It seems like the demonic forces always wanna go for children.

Harbour’s reference to “CD” is also exciting, because that’s Crimson Dynamo – a classic Iron Man villain. In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark insisted it would be years before anybody managed to duplicate Iron Man technology, but it’s possible that Russia had managed to do so by 2016 – and had created Crimson Dynamo. Marvel recently published a book called The Wakanda Files that revealed Russia possesses palladium, which powered Stark’s original arc reactor, hinting that country may be able to create first-generation Iron Man armors. Black Widow could therefore be setting up the MCU’s upcoming Armor Wars TV series on Disney+, with War Machine attempting to take down people who have duplicated and stolen Stark tech in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame.

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