We’re sure most of you haven’t forgotten the tragic death of two brave pilots of Indian Armed Forces in an unfortunate crash in Banglore. They’re late Squadron Leader Samir Abrol and late Squadron Leader Siddharth Negi.

Abrol’s family is all set to fight for Justice to him and every other pilot who has once worked with Indian defense forces and lost his life to such crashes that are mere consequences of the negligence and careless attitude of the ‘system’. The number of lives of pilots lost in around 35 crashes that took place over a span of just 2 years, ie 2015-16 is as alarming as 45.

Abrol’s brother had penned down a gut wrenching poem blaming corruption in the system for the death of his brother and all like him.

His brother writes-

And as he fell from the sky onto the ground,
With broken bones ; all but a black box was found.

His ejection was safe but parachute caught fire,
Shattered the family and all that he desired

Never had he breathed so heavy, as for the last time,
While the bureaucracy enjoyed its corrupt cheese and wine.

We give our warriors outdated machines to fight,
They still deliver it with all their prowess and might.
Once again a martyr was killed,
As he fell from the sky onto the ground.

Unforgiving is a job of a test pilot
Someone has to risk it to show others the light.

Now, his wife too has come forward with a Facebook post seeking answers from the authority or whosoever is responsible for the notorious irresponsibility that cost her husband his life. She asks questions on behalf of every wife who has lost her husband to the service of the Nation.

“I am Garima Abrol…..I am the wife of Martyr Squadron Leader Samir Abrol….whose tears are still not dry…It still hasn’t sunk in that you are gone. No one has the answer to my questions. Why YOU ?

My husband was a proud Indian and I loved sending him off to serve the nation with a morning cup of tea and a head held high.

Every soldier’s wife’s biggest fear in life is when her husband would be called to the front line and serve in an active war. I too had this fear. Many a times I woke up crying after having one such bad dream…But Samir would hold me, console me and tell me…that is the ultimate purpose of his job…to be able to serve our nation when the call comes…He wanted me to be brave, as that’s what he was, a brave soldier, patriot to the core.

Such is the job of a soldier…it does not bring you fame…no one cries when you leave but the family…It does not make you a celebrity…the media covers it for a day and drops it just like they have done for the pilots who have met the same untimely fate before Samir…Then everyone forgets about it.

How many more of these pilots have to give up their life to shake you up and make you realise there is something really wrong in the system?

A pilot is not made in a day, it takes a decade of training for their souls to get molded for the job…How many fighters have to give up their life for you to wake up?
I do not want any other sister of the Armed Force family to suffer the pain that I am going through. Words can’t describe how painful it is out here alone without my better half, my BATMAN.

I need answers…

Whilst its just another story and incident for some, i will keep fighting for the cause that took you away from me.”

Not just the late brave heart’s kins, but people like advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava have decided to do something about it. He’s filed a PIL with honorable Supreme Court that has not just demanded the formation of a court-monitored committee to investigate the matter but also seeks all necessary steps to prevent such accidents in future.

Life of a warrior is difficult, they said. The life of their family isn’t easy either, they never said. We hope the ‘system’ bothers to bat an eye and prioritizes to safeguard the safety of those who spend their whole lives to keep all of us safe 24*7.

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