Relationship built over online platforms ain’t so loyal. They’re mostly scams. We’re not at fault for believing the same because such news pieces arrive every morning in installments to uninstall our faith in love wherein people end up being betrayed in the worst possible ways by their online friends/lovers. But there are always exceptions that leave us spellbound. And this Instagram post is of one such couple whose love and marriage is smashing all stereotype like a boss.

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Chaahat bhi, Tu meri……aur Haq bhi hai Mera…..❤👣❤👣

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A perfect marriage is where the woman gets acclimatized in the husband’s house like it’s her own, merrily shoulders all household chores and the man earns. If at all the woman goes to work, to run the home is her duty. The husband might help, if he wishes to. This awesomely cool couple is rubbishing what our society has been feeding us for ages!

Read the Instagram post by Humans Of Bombay directly to know their story!

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“When I joined Tinder, I was ridiculed. But it was worth it because on the 8th November 2017, we swiped. For the next 6 days we spoke every day for 12 hours. He was from Jaipur & I, Mumbai, but we’d sleep at 4.30 am & be back on the phone by 8.30–we’d even eat together while video calling! Everyone thought we were crazy! On the sixth day I decided that I needed to meet him, so I purchased air tickets to Rajasthan. I lied & said that I was visiting my mom. He was speechless when I told him the truth. Seeing someone in person is different, but when we met, it was amazing. He was sweet chivalrous & perfect. Our connection was so strong that it didn’t feel new to be with him. I gelled with his family too! We spent all our time talking. The night before I left, he said, ‘I want you in my life–it as a friend, live-in partner or wife.’ And I agreed–I had no doubts. Our relationship only grew stronger. We met twice a month, in Jaipur & Mumbai. Earlier we both didn’t want to leave our homes. His job was there & my family was here. But slowly, he got used to Mumbai & decided to move here, which people found odd. He started looking for a job. At an interview when he said he moved for his wife, they laughed! But, he’s never expected me to compromise because I’m a woman–he didn’t ask me to leave my life here & that’s something I admire. We got ritually married in July. The day after he moved in, we performed a Graha Pravesh for him–it’s normally done for the woman… but, we’re equals. We consider ourselves as one so the roles of ‘husband’ & ‘wife’ never mattered. We’ve broken many traditions this way. Currently I’m earning & he’s looking for work. Many relatives have said he’s a ‘burden’ on me because he doesn’t earn. How does it matter? He does the chores & fixes things in the house, something I’m not inclined to do. He’s planning to start his own business, till then I’m supporting him. People have said nasty things about us because of all this. Truth is, we pretend to be modern & accepting but when the roles actually reverse, everyone gets uncomfortable. But we’re happy with the way everything is–we’re madly in love & absolutely nothing else matters beyond that.”

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Well, they’re matured and in love. That’s enough. Our society really needs such kind of stories and also need to appreciate the fact that a woman has taken it up to herself to make ends meet and the man doesn’t play a male-ego injured victim for being the house-husband. Instead, they’re happy in their own paradise, lifting each other up.

Finally, we’re happy to witness a live example of equality because till now it only existed in literatures. Kudos to the couple and lots of good wishes to them for all the years to come.

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