Chennai: A woman committed suicide days after the apex court ordered that adultery was not a crime, when her husband challenged her that she had no right to stop him from having an extramarital affair.

Identified as Pushpalatha, 24, of Bharathi Nagar, Nesapakkam, she was married to John Paul Franklin, 27, two years ago against the consent of their families. It was a love marriage and the couple also had a child.

The deceased was going through a treatment for Tuberculosis and her husband, Franklin worked as a security guard at a corporation park in the locality.
He began distancing from his wife soon after she fell sick and stopped supporting her financially as well.

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When she discussed the issue with one of her husband’s friends, she got to know about Franklin’s closeness with another woman. She got certain of his illicit affair after he started coming home late. Apparently, the other woman picked up a fight with Franklin when she got to know that he has a wife and asked him to end his marriage.

“He went to the extent of telling her that she cannot book a case against him as the Supreme Court had ruled that extramarital affair was no more a crime,” said an investigating officer in a report.

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Disheartened in love, she decided to take the drastic step and ended her life hanging herself to death. One of the woman’s relatives found her dead and informed the MGR Nagar police immediately.

First of all, committing suicide is a crime and it does not an end the problems and issues we have in our lives. Just because we are going through something which is a little difficult than what everybody is dealing with, we can’t give up and take such a drastic step. If things go out of your hands, go seek medical help or talk to your family and friends. We always find a way out.

As such in this case, the Supreme court ordered, if adultery leads to a person’s suicide, abetment of suicide charge can be slapped against the spouse responsible for it.

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