A state where people worship women in the form of Goddess Durga and create magnificent Pooja Pandals for keeping the goddess in the most elegant way is now observing a spike in the cases related to woman harassment, brutality, and torturing.


In the similar line, a heinous, shocking and nerve chilling incident has come to light where a woman was gang-raped and brutalized to an extent where a bottle was thrust into her private parts.

The incident took place in Ward 3 of Sainthia municipality, about 195 kilometers from Kolkata, where the victim lives with her 13-year old daughter and nine-year old son. Her husband lives in another state where he has gone for work.


Allegedly, the woman was having an extra marital affair with a man called Tarak Bhaskar but when she told him that she wants to end their relationship, he took her to an abandoned room near Sainthia bus stand and allegedly sexually assaulted her. When the woman told neighbors and others about the behavior, he resorted to gang rape on Monday.

Tarak along with his two friends barged into woman’s house around 1:30 am on Monday and started attacking her. All of them were inebriated, told the District Police Officer to Hindustan Times.


After they raped me, they thrust a bottle in my private parts before leaving,” the woman told the police.

According to police officers, the culprits likely thrust the liquor bottle they were drinking from into her. The woman was taken to the hospital on Monday morning, more than five hours after the alleged rape.The condition of the woman is very critical and she needs to be operated soon in a bigger hospital but she can’t be relocated due to her physical condition.

Police have detained the main culprit Tarak Bhaskar and searching for other two.The Indian Feed strongly condemns the attack on the victim and hopes that police will do its work to bring justice to the victim.

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