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“Incidences of rape and molestation have increased too much!”, aren’t we too used to saying/hearing this? But is ranting about the crime is all that falls in our duty list? How can we become so naive that seeing someone rape a woman in broad daylight won’t instigate us to interfere?

The shameful incidence we are talking about took place in New Railway Colony between Tadichetlapalem and the railway station at around 2.30 pm. A busy area of Vishakapatnam, Vizag. A 43 YO woman, who had fled from her home after a certain fight and had taken shelter under a tree on the footpath, got raped by a drunk truck cleaner named, Ganji Siva in broad daylight.

The woman hadn’t eaten for hours and was too weak to oppose him. But the passers-by too decided not to stop the crime and rather shoot it! What do we expect from our humans? Certainly, not humanity! An auto driver named Srinu recorded the crime and submitted the video to the police.

Ganji Siva Source

It was the video that brought the culprit behind the bars.However, the need of the hour was to save the woman and not recording the video. G Shiva has been booked under section 376 of the IPC that deals with rape. 


The victim is sent to King George Hospital for a checkup. All that should we be really worried about is the fact that, not even the populated streets are safe for women. And definitely, not just rapists, but all who endure the crime are to be held responsible. We as a society have certainly failed when we can’t even rescue a woman getting raped on a busy road. All the online campaigns and wheelchair activism is certainly not going to help until the change takes place at ground level.

h/t : TimesNow

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