Now that we will be welcoming our women’s cricket team soon, let’s take a look at our preparations.

Millions of good wishes and ‘proud-of-you’ messages flooding facebook and twitter. Media’s eyes sticking to them (The ladies didn’t leave them with an option though!), BCCI declaring handsome award money, players being offered jobs, promotions, adds and what not!

And the silly us! We, who never knew there exist such sports icons are now self-proclaimed fans of them! Girls going crazy over cricket (now they have their own proud reason to watch cricket) and guys crushing over these youth sensations.

Glad we are that this all happened. The much-needed change took place all of a sudden. Records rewrote, ‘coolness’ redefined. Awesome, ain’t it??

Now in afternoons girls shall too run to the playground and come home all sweaty and exhausted. Society will find new culprits who would break windowpanes with their sixes. Amidst all these vibes, an air of sexism still manages to blow.

Whenever we talk of Team India, we automatically visualize Men in Blue. And we need ‘Women’s’ before ‘Team India’ to perceive them correctly. What they have achieved, isn’t that huge enough to break this taboo as well? Can’t we just talk about them as our own team without specifying gender with it? As you congratulate Team India, make sure you think about it as well. Let’s respect them beyond fences of gender!

Watch the journey to glory here.

All image source : ICC

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