A new advice for every woman out there. If you want to stay fit and healthy, then you should grind chakki (stone grinder) and fill water pitchers or sweep or mop floors. Sounds hilarious and sexist right ?! Well, this out-of-the-box kind of advice is suggested by a monthly magazine article and not just any magazine, It is Rajasthan education department’s monthly magazine named ‘Shivira Patrika‘.

In the November issue of the magazine this point was published in a 14 instructions article which has the title ‘Swasth rehne ke Saral upaay’ (Simple tips for staying fit).

This is not just it. There is more.

The article also suggests to eat simple food and while eating, take it like you are accepting religious offerings.(‘Bhojan saada karo aur usey prasad roop mein grahan karo’)

Everyone who supports women rights is not happy about it and are criticizing the magazine publishers for this article. The national secretary of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Kavita Srivastava said to Hindustan times ,’It’s very shameful that the education department is reinforcing the same stereotypes that education is supposed to liberate us from‘.


Nathmal Didel, the director, secondary education, and magazine’s chief editor also admitted that this kind of advice shouldn’t have been published in the article first place. Nathmal also said,“But that is how it has been happening in our society and the writer was probably influenced by that. I assure you, there is no discriminatory intent behind this.”

If young children will be exposed to such type of stereotypical thinkings since their childhood imagine what kind of patriarchal mindset they will develop.

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