After our favorite stars, Irrfan Khan and Sonali Bendre were diagnosed with cancer, we could witness an outbreak amongst the netizens. The stars made it a point to share tit-bits of their treatment procedure and how they’re gradually recovering. It was indeed a kind gesture because this has undoubtedly encouraged many fans of theirs and they are still trying to convince the cancer-stricken souls around the globe that cancer is curable, that a life exists beyond cancer.

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However, today we’re here to tell our readers that it’s not only celebrities who battle the monster this bravely. But, there are many who battle and defeat cancer, whose stories go unheard and every single one of them is no less of a celebrity. Today, we’re overwhelmed to introduce you to one such celebrity from among us, Purva Kamatkar.

Purva, a happy, ambitious woman, a mother and an efficient asset to her company, Tech Mahindra ( as she proudly calls herself! ) has overcome cancer and been vocal with us about her journey so far when we reached out to her after coming across her Facebook post.

You read her entire post here.

We wanted our readers to hear her story. So here is all she has to say.

(We asked her a lot of questions.. And this didn’t irritate her even for once!)

Question- Ma’am as I can see in your profile, you’re a working lady. And cancer treatment is an intensive therapy. So how did you manage your health and work, together?

Answer:  “I would like to tell you that I found my company Tech Mahindra very cooperative from the initial stage of my illness. Right from HR to IBU head, everyone stood by my side. They provided me with extreme support. They allow me to work from home.”

Question- So everyone already knew of your illness since the first day?

Answer:-“My HR and my manager came to know about it as I had to tell them because of hospitalization and leaves. So my manager discussed this with higher management. And when they came to know about it, they stood by my side.

Undoubtedly, we congratulate the company, Tech Mahindra for being this sensitive and cooperative and realizing the gravity of the issue. We certainly need more work environments like this.

Question- So, how did you come to know about your disease?

Answer- “I was at the UK when I came to know about this. I came back to India on 2nd of June. After that I celebrated my birthday on 5th and from 7th of June, I initiated the investigation.

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Question- And ma’am, I realise the collateral damages chemo and radiation must have caused you. Like, weight loss, hair loss… How difficult was it to face the world with this strong and new look?”

Answer – “No doubt Chemo is a nightmare. I began losing my hair right after 14 days of my first chemo. I used to have short hair right since my childhood. My 11 YO son always asked me to grow my hair little longer. So I took this as an opportunity. I shaved my head as I observed that I was getting disturbed every day whenever I combed my hair due to extensive hair fall. I purchased a beautiful wig with long hair and believe me, it gave me a more gorgeous look!

Even during my chemo and radiation all my cancer friends used to appreciate my dressing and positive attitude. A senior nurse used to call me heroine!

She giggles. And says how she created magic with makeup. Recreating eyebrows, not just hers but also another patient who used to receive chemo with her. She further adds, My friends are asking me ma’am apko kon sa cancer ho Gaya hai Jo insan ko beautiful bana deta hai!

That’s her spirit, beautiful one!

Question- And your son, ma’am! How did he deal with this news?

Answer- “I used to go alone for chemo and radiation.”

(Interruption) Alone… Why?

ANSWER- “Actually I hadn’t told about my illness to anyone. Even I have carried out all initial tests like mammography, sonography and biopsy all alone as the hospital is nearby my company. So I did all this during lunch break. 23rd was my operation date and I told Prasanna, my husband on 22. As I didn’t want that kind of atmosphere and tension right from initial days. Also, I don’t want to gain anyone’s sympathy. Even, I don’t want to get treated like a patient.

When at the very first day of my chemo I went to Jehangir hospital, the doctor asked where is the patient. I said it’s standing right Infront of you! She asked me who was with me, I said none!
She got confused how to react on this but was very much happy at my attitude.

(Last) Question- Now, does your boy know what a strong mamma he has! I mean does he know about everything?

ANSWER- Yes, my son knows about my illness. He witnessed how I suffered after my every chemo but how again I stood up and got ready for the next chemo. I have observed changes in his behavior. He was the mischievous child as I needed to go to his school frequently because of his complaints but all of sudden his behavior got changed during all this journey. I feel sorry about him, actually.

He’ll grow up as a sensible man. Just like his mom, we said her as she signed off.

Her story is far from what we call a fairytale. And way more beautiful, magical, enchanting and inspiring than what any fairytale can ever be. That’s life. You gotta live it, like Purva.

And women, stop shying away when it comes to your body. Examine yourself regularly because that’s you find out maximum cancers inoperable, curable and initial stages. Consult a doctor when you feel something isn’t right. Don’t delay, don’t neglect. Prioritize your health before anyone else, anything else. Because an entire world revolves around you!

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